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Quantum Planter Sprayers:
Quantum planter sprayers eliminate the timeous spraying process after planting, by
combining the two into one highly efficient process.

The application of chemicals are controlled by means of our unique contact ground
driven system, which results in 2 distinct advantages:
* Our system starts and stops automatically with the movement of your planter, resulting in an
efficient spraying process.
* The fact that our ground driven system is driven by the runner means that it is John Deere approved.

Caddy bracket:
Our Caddy brackets are incredible strong and robust, adjustable, easy to clean and rust proof, allowing
you years of hassle free spraying.

Tanks are extremely robust and made from durable Polyethylene.

Non drip nozzles are standard fitment and keep the system pressure constant, resulting
in a perfect release of chemicals vie our contact ground driven system.

Pump unit:
The system is fitted with Zimrah Z2 piston pump, which is ground driven by the runner, resulting in even
and accurate product application. These pumps have a high capacity resulting in better
agitation and less wear. Calibration is done on the pump and remains constant.

Ground driven system.

Caddy brackets.

Non drip nozzles.

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